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TOAD (2012-2019) 

In memory of a very special Punta Santiago dog, we have designated a memorial fund, known as the Toad Fund. The Toad Fund will be used to rescue dogs that will require extra medical attention and also embody Toad's spirit of resilience, loyalty, and love.


When first rescued, Toad was so emaciated that you could count all of his ribs. Despite his condition and previous experience with neglect, he had a sweet disposition and quickly captured the hearts of a team of visiting students doing local research in Punta Santiago. He required immediate medical attention, and after his vet visits, was nursed back to health by the students before finding his forever home with Vlad.




In 2012, Vlad adopted Toad and gave him a life that street dogs can only dream of. Every day was filled with tons of adventures, friends, and treats. After several happy years together, we received news in 2019 that Toad was suffering from a series of heart tumors and resulting complications. Following several months of treatment, Toad passed away surrounded by many of his friends. Toad was so very loved by everyone he met, he made friends everywhere he went with Vlad, and he was a remarkable ambassador for the many satos of Punta Santiago.



The memorial fund was started with thanks to a generous donation in Toad's honor. The Toad Fund will be used to rescue particularly hard cases, doggies that not only will require some extra TLC to get back on their feet, but also embody Toad's spirit of resilience, loyalty, and love (via lots of doggie kisses). We are so honored to have him as part of the PSD family and to recognize his memory in this small way. Thank you to the donors who have contributed in his memory. At the time of your donation, you can request that the donation be diverted to Toad's Memorial Fund.  



Freddy is the inaugural recipient of the Toad Memorial Fund. Like Toad, Freddy's journey to a forever home began with a rough start. After one of our volunteers witnessed him being struck by a car, Freddy was rushed to an emergency vet for surgery. There he also tested positive for heartworm and a couple other blood infections. Although he has completed his treatment, Freddy is still waiting for his forever home. Freddy was selected as a recipient for the Toad Fund for his brave yet loving spirit. You can read more about Freddy, and apply for adoption at his PetFinder profile (link below).

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