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Long before Punta Santiago Dogs formalized, Puerto Ricans living in Punta Santiago have been caring for and rescuing the local satos out of pocket. On top of their families, full-time jobs, and dogs living in their own home, they pour every extra minute and dollar into helping homeless animals. We would like to recognize the efforts of these people and of the many visiting students living in Punta Santiago who rescued dogs before us. Together, they have paved the way for our organization to participate in local dog rescue and we are so grateful to be part of this community. 

Punta Santiago Dogs first formalized in 2014. That summer, three visiting researchers came together to concentrate their efforts and navigate the rescue process together. Each researcher had previously been rescuing dogs out of pocket and networking with local community members, and so in coming together, they hoped to streamline the process. For the first few years, the organization rescued and rehomed, on average, one to two dogs a month. By the end of 2018, we had rescued and rehomed approximately 100 dogs and puppies, and helped, fed, and cared for countless others.

At the end of 2018, Punta Santiago Dogs incorporated formally as a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization. Since then, we have grown our team from three to over twenty volunteers that help in the many day-to-day operations on the island and the mainland. Our rescue efforts on the ground in Puerto Rico have also expanded; since our incorporation in 2018, we have rescued over 400 dogs, averaging one dog rescued every other day. 


The Punta Santiago Dogs Family now includes our extraordinary ground team, a dedicated volunteer network, and adopted families across the United States. 

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