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A network of rescuers and researchers dedicated to supporting Puerto Rico's local communities and saving the lives of its abused and abandoned street dogs

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Punta Santiago Dogs is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. Your tax-deductible donation supports our mission to provide community support, care, and transport for the abandoned dogs of Puerto Rico. 

Puerto Rico has one of the most out-of-control populations of street animals in the world, which has resulted in a unique mixture of dog breeds referred to as SATOS. These dogs are frequently abandoned, neglected, starved, abused, and often die of injuries, parasites, disease, and infection that could have been easily treated with minimal intervention. Despite these hardships, satos are notorious for their loyalty and affection, and make excellent companions.

Our team has been working in the town of Punta Santiago on the east coast of Puerto Rico for over a decade as we research a population of monkeys at the Cayo Santiago Biological Field Station. Even as full-time students and volunteers, we spend all of our remaining time and money offering care and relocation for the satos in need. While many of us no longer work on the island, our hearts are always with them, and we will continue do everything we can to support the healthy future of Punta Santiago's dogs and communities.


Already we have rescued and homed over 160 dogs AND cats, and we have treated and cared for many more. Please support this effort by DONATING!


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EIN 83-1707731

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Helping Ellie find love and closure after burying her puppies. Ellie had spent days defending her dead puppies after they were hit by a car, but now she is someone's family.