If you are interested in fostering or adopting a Punta Santiago Dog, please:
  1. Take a look at our AVAILABLE DOGS and/or CONTACT US!
  2. Fill out a FOSTER or ADOPTION application and we will schedule an in-home visit to make sure you and the pup are a good fit. 
  3. Fill out our ADOPTION AGREEMENT! and submit a minimum adoption donation of $400! We arrange all vet visits, fosters, transport, crates, and flights to make sure your pup makes it safely to their new home. 



If you are in Puerto Rico and need help rescuing a dog you have found, please send us the following information: 
  • At least one picture and video of the ​dog 

  • Information about the dog's location and your ability to help with transport, fostering

  • Details about the dog's age, weight, sex, breed, and whether they appear to be spayed or neutered

  • A description of the dog's story, personality, and temperament (around people, dogs, cats, etc.) and any suspected injuries or ailments

  • The details and paperwork of any vaccinations or vet care that have been previously administered (including dates) - full DHLPP, Bordetella, and Rabies vaccines and a 4DX test!


If you are in Puerto Rico and are interested in rescuing a dog on your own, please consider the following checklist: 

1. Budget: CLICK HERE for more information about costs and consider starting a GoFundMe or using other crowdfunding platforms to raise the money you need to save a life!

2. Vet: Take the animal to a vet as soon as possible to ensure they are healthy and/or get the care they need - before they can fly out you will need to provide at least a rabies certificate and a health certificate dated within 10 days of their departure flight​. CLICK HERE for more information about area vets involved in the rescue community.

3. Foster/Adopter: Keep the animal off the street and in your home, a foster, or a boarding facility while they await their flight out, and make sure you have scheduled an adopter, foster, and/or pick up on the other side of their flight. Please CONTACT US if you need help connecting with a low cost boarding service in Puerto Rico (sometimes as low as $5/day). 

4. Flight: When you have decided on a departure date, notify an airline that you wish to transport a dog with you in the cabin (<20 lbs) or that you will be shipping a dog in cargo (>20 lbs) and they will help make the necessary arrangements. CLICK HERE for more information about booking and preparing for flights.

5. Crate: If you are flying a dog in cargo, you must purchase a rigid crate that can be sealed shut with metal bolts and has two bowls for the inside of the door. The dog must be able to comfortably stand and lay down with at least 1-2 inches between their head and the top of the crate. Airlines must know the size of the crate before booking. If your dog is small enough to fly in cabin, you can purchase a soft crate that fits the dimensions required by the airline. CLICK HERE for more information about crates.

6. Transport: Make sure you have reliable transportation to get to the vet at least 10 days before the flight and to the SJU cargo facilities at least 2-4 hours before the flight! For some airlines, payment must be made in person at the cargo desk, so make sure you have the necessary funds ready!

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